Getting Ready to Deliver the Shebang

Hi, cool to have you here. As you can probably see, this website is still being build. It doesn’t look like much and there is little content. But this is only temporary. We are producing some sweet content. And I don’t just mean the taste. I mean content that will taste sweet and give you a sweet looking body too.

A saying that really pisses me off is: No pain, no gain. I know it’s used to motivate people to work harder and persevere when the going gets tough. But it’s the wrong place to focus. Because what we really want is the gain, right? Well not the weight gain. But the result of being more fit.

And when you say: no pain, no gain. You are basically stating that the only way to have what you want, is to suffer. But nobody wants to suffer or be in pain. So we want to gain results, not saying we don’t need to work for it, with as little pain as possible.

That is what we are going to be bringing you here at A way to get fit and look awesome with as little suffering as possible.

Talk to you soon,